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  • Rogena: wts female avatar full lucky
  • xXFireXx: WTB 600 Silk
  • YoKa: <3 0o_XnXX_oO <3 Koky <3 Gedo <3 All GaMe
  • Joumana: wts set acc nova +15 stat 80% / wtt silver coin for arena / wtb gold coin
  • InsanePower: WTB 2 chinese swords clean 1B each.
  • _WanTeD_: Wts Arena@Wtb Staff+Shiled +14 +15@Wtb Set L.A Or Robe +15@Wts Ering Eurp +11@Wtb hat avtar F
  • Lipton: WTB SERENES AND Commander Patch or Glavie EGY +0 OR +2 OR +7 OR 9 PM MEE WITH oFFER
  • Rogena: wts cursed soul female avatar pvp blue / wts pirate full lucky female avatar
  • _NoTime4Love: wtb cleric @ shield nova +15 +16 any stats pme
  • Senorita: WTS nova 2h +15 FB- WTS nobel Acc female - WTS 200 Silk
[Written at 20.03.2015]

Hello DuckRoad!

As a compensation for the Gold Bug - we increased the Vote for silk to 150 Silk - for 24 hours.

We're sorry for the issues.

Thank you

[Written at 15.03.2015]
  • Increased the amount of Arena Coins dropped in HWT
  • Silver Coins will now drop in HWT - Beginner less - Intermediate more coins.
[Written at 13.03.2015]

The beginner weekend has been started! Have fun!

[Written at 08.03.2015]
[Written at 06.03.2015]

[Written at 04.03.2015]

Tomorrow is Thunder's birthday and we will start another 100 % Bonus silk starting tomorrow at 00:00. ~24 Hour Duration

[Written at 28.02.2015]
We will start a double silk event today at 12:00. The event will be active for 24 hours.
[Written at 27.02.2015]
  • Added Grey Dragon Soul Dress
  • Fixed some Dress effects
[Written at 25.02.2015]

Hello DuckRoad!

Today I'm going to announce our 2nd Video Contest! Amazing rewards are waiting for you!

Check out this link:!

[Written at 24.02.2015]
  • Arena Coins will now drop in the HWT
  • Fixed Arena Time, its now after CTF - 18:00-23:00 (DST)
  • Added 6 New Avatars (Death assasin, Water Spirit, Holy Warrior, Celestial Knight, Phoenix Wing, New Aribian Dress)
  • Added STR and INT uniques
  • Preapeared a few things for further updates

Thank you