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  • cancel: hellow guys how are ?? btw were all the player here this server is dying no GM OR EM
  • MindShocker: iam the only char moving in jangan :D
  • MindShocker: so what now :D?
  • BuLLSh1T: wtb acc nova eu +14/ wts xbow and warlock nova +15
  • BuLLSh1T: wtb acc eu +14 / wts xbow and warlock nova +15
  • BuLLSh1T: wts nova xbow +15
  • _CrueL: WTB ACC EU+15 WTB ADV PRO /WTS Sword +16 EGY A WTT Egy B spear +15 for glaive
  • KimboSlice: nahh
  • Aff: algun latino
[Written at 03.04.2015]
  • Anubis is now a INT mob
  • Isis is now a STR mob
  • Anubis and Isis will now spawn 6 times a day
  • They will drop now 15 coins
[Written at 03.04.2015]

You now get 50% Easter Bonus Silk on every purchase you will make.

[Written at 02.04.2015]

Hello DuckRoad! 

We added our new Egy A to Egy B upgrade system.

[What do I need to upgrade to Egy B?]

  • 1 Upgrade Jewel - Can be bought in DuckRoad Shop
  • 1 Egy A min. +12 without and +14 with Advanced weapon

[How can I get an Upgrade Jewel?]

  • Job Temple uniques will drop Iron Coins - you need 300 of them to buy one.
  • For those who dont want to waste time in job, you can buy the Upgrade Jewel for 4000 Silk in the Item Mall. (We added it, because we got many requests for it and we made the price that high so players still go to the Job temple)

[How do I upgrade?]

Place the Upgrade Jewel in the first Inventory place. If you got everything - write a message to "System" (without the ") with the message "upgrade" (without the ")

Now you will be teleported and you got an Egy B Item.

The Item stats will remain.

Thank you

Thank you

[Written at 20.03.2015]

Hello DuckRoad!

As a compensation for the Gold Bug - we increased the Vote for silk to 150 Silk - for 24 hours.

We're sorry for the issues.

Thank you

[Written at 15.03.2015]
  • Increased the amount of Arena Coins dropped in HWT
  • Silver Coins will now drop in HWT - Beginner less - Intermediate more coins.
[Written at 13.03.2015]

The beginner weekend has been started! Have fun!

[Written at 08.03.2015]
[Written at 06.03.2015]

[Written at 04.03.2015]

Tomorrow is Thunder's birthday and we will start another 100 % Bonus silk starting tomorrow at 00:00. ~24 Hour Duration

[Written at 28.02.2015]
We will start a double silk event today at 12:00. The event will be active for 24 hours.